Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Branded Office Chairs: Get The Most for Your Money

When it comes to branded office chairs that promise all-day comfort, nothing is more iconic than the Aeron Task Chair from Herman Miller. It was designed by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf and has become the most recognizable ergonomic office chair today. In fact, Aeron is in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection. But what makes this branded chair so well-loved? Read on to know the reasons.

Aeron has everything you can expect from a higher-end branded chair. It is built to evenly distribute weight, eliminate heat buildup and pressure points, allow full recline, and provide full support at the base of the spine.

·       It comes in three sizes to suit just about any user. Adjustments are easy to make so you can make your Aero fit your body like a glove.

Aesthetics inevitably matter especially in the corporate world. An investment in good quality, designer office furniture thus becomes necessary for winning clients and in boosting employee morale. Premium office furniture such as Herman Miller branded office chairs make a statement about your company’s culture and values.

Make the Right Impression
It’s no secret that in the business world, competition is fierce. You will often have only one shot at impressing prospective clients, who now have more choices than ever when searching for firms to meet their requirements. Branded office chairs can go a long way in making a great first impression. The chairs you offer your clients immediately say a lot about your firm’s attention to detail and in how seriously you take your work. Outdated and poorly designed office chairs can diminish your company’s appeal and even discourage clients from using your services.

Hire the Best Talents
Branded office chairs can even help you attract and eventually hire the best people in your industry. As you grow your business, you will want to grow your workforce as well to meet larger demands. The ability to secure top talent will ensure your future success—and designer office furnishings can help you do exactly that.

In today’s hyper competitive employment market, top applicants wan to work for firms that do not just offer good wages but also provide unique and compelling office spaces. They want to work in well designed and ergonomic environments. A modern office with Herman Miller chairs and other branded office furniture will no doubt become a selling point for potential employees.

Retain Your Best People

Happy employees stay loyal when they are fulfilled and contented at work. You need to provide them with ergonomic and branded office chairs if you expect them to be productive. Giving them top quality chairs shows that you are committed to their well being and want to treat them well. This ultimately encourages loyalty and lets you keep your top talents.

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